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Marketing Mix vs Digital Attribution

March 23, 2016


These two methodologies are often pitted against each other as competitors for the same Marketing dollars in today’s marketplace.  In truth, that’s rarely appropriate. On the surface both methodologies offer an ROI and an attribution for digital marketing vehicles such as online display, paid search, e-mail, etc. and thus create conflict by providing distinct answers.  […]

What “Marketing’s Laws” say is most important

July 17, 2014


Marketing’s Laws 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Marketing 40% Targeting Customers 40% Offer 20% Creative Message  80/20 Rule of Marketing 80% of your revenue is produced by 20% of your customers 4 P’s of Marketing Product Place Price Promotio 5 C’s of Strategic Marketing Customer Company Competition Collaborators Context  Product Adoption Curve Summary of Marketing’s Laws   […]

The Likelihood of Being TRUE? (Scientist, Consultant, or Truth Seeker)

September 4, 2013


Clients want to know “What is true?”, while statistical tests offer the likelihood that a relationship in the data could have been “caused by random error.”  The fact that the question and answer don’t line up is usually responded to by quoting textbook doctrine about what statistics can demonstrate and is then followed by adopting […]

Tips for Using Cluster Analysis to Segment Markets (CASS)

November 17, 2010


THE GOAL: When segmenting markets the objective is to find distinct groups of consumers who are similar to each other on multiple variables of “interest”.  If that lofty goal is realized, then products and marketing programs can be designed to appeal to desirable consumer groups so that when CONSUMERS select between you and your competitors, […]