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What “Marketing’s Laws” say is most important

July 17, 2014


Marketing’s Laws 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Marketing 40% Targeting Customers 40% Offer 20% Creative Message  80/20 Rule of Marketing 80% of your revenue is produced by 20% of your customers 4 P’s of Marketing Product Place Price Promotio 5 C’s of Strategic Marketing Customer Company Competition Collaborators Context  Product Adoption Curve Summary of Marketing’s Laws   […]

Statistical Modeling is like building with LEGOS

November 17, 2010


LEGOS: 1. Square red pieces can be stacked to build towers. 2. Long skinny pieces can be used as roads. 3. Long skinny pieces on top of square red towers can build bridges. 4. Curved skinny pieces can make turning roads or bridges. 5. Tubes, motors, wheels, etc. can make pretty much anything you can […]